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Keep your family safe and protected

We only use commercial grade camera systems with 3 year warranty

4 x Hardwired Commercial HD Cameras Cameras with audio installed from $1150

Know whats happening at you home or business 24/7


security camera system installation

Security Camera Systems installed wherever you want. System design before installation for full visual coverage of premises

We are strong believers that safety comes first and therefore pride ourselves in offering advanced home security systems.  We customise designs with CCTV and security cameras for your home, to ensure you have full visual coverage of the premises. Providing the safety and security you need for your loved ones. Call us today to find out more, we provide services for Ipswich, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas!


All Systems Installed Have:

cctv security systems brisbane

Latest Hard Wired HD or 4K cameras installed with night vision, heat sensing and audio recording if required.

There is no substitute for a professionally installed, Hard Wired Camera Security system.  There are many simple "wireless" DIY systems on the market but you may find that they cost quite a bit and are NEVER as reliable as a professionally installed hard wired system.  Wireless systems while easier to install can suffer from RF Interference which causes drop outs to the picture.  When it comes to safety and security of your business, home and family get it done professionally with a dedicated hard wired, stand alone system and have the peace of mind.


Remote visual monitoring with intruder alerts on a smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. 24-hour recording

Want added protection for your house and family, even while you’re away at work or on holidays? Ask us today about remote visual monitoring of your home, available on a smartphone or tablet with alerts and notifications where internet is available. Feel assured that your home or business is protected 24 hours a day a dedicated Hard Wired, standalone security system installed by tech experts. Call ALL TECH Sorted today and lets get your home safe and sorted!

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CCTV Cameras

All Tech Sorted: Professional Installers of Top-Quality CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras have gone from a nice-to-have commodity in just a few short years to an essential, must-have component of your home security system.

We have extensive experience and know-how in installing security cameras for residential and commercial properties across Brisbane. Do your part to curb crime in your neighbourhood with professional CCTV system installations from All Tech Sorted.

Benefits of Home Security Cameras

In today’s modern world, a home camera system is much more than just a motion detector connected to a siren that makes a big noise, thereby scaring away an intruder and alerting neighbours and the police that there is a problem at your house. The rapid technological advancement of home CCTV systems has turned them into flexible and versatile tools and a valuable part of your home security system that not only helps to deter criminals but can also aid in the identification of criminals.

  • Closed Circuit TV cameras are an effective deterrent for break-ins. In general, criminals will choose ‘soft’ targets to get in and out without too much fuss. It is unlikely that someone will try to break into your property if he notices that you have cameras since the chance of getting caught increases significantly.
  • In the unlikely scenario that someone does break into your home despite having security cameras installed, the footage caught by the cameras may aid authorities in positively identifying and subsequently arresting those responsible. This precaution contributes to making the entire neighbourhood safer by helping to deter wrongdoers.
  • Security cameras will save you money on your monthly household insurance bill, as insurers generally charge lower premiums to customers who have security cameras and security systems installed. For the relatively small investment in a CCTV system, you get peace of mind, and you save some money.

What You Can Expect from All Tech Sorted Regarding Security Camera Installers

We’ve been installing quality security and CCTV surveillance systems in Brisbane for many years. Our professional team will inspect your property, identify potential risks and design an effective CCTV system based on your requirements.

  • We only use the best quality commercial-grade security cameras with a three-year guarantee in our installations. These cameras are highly resistant to the best – and the worst – that the harsh Australian elements can throw at them. When dealing with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving top quality products.
  • Our systems are highly versatile, offering the best in home CCTV security and the ultimate in remote connectivity. With our systems, you can access your security cameras from anywhere via your cellular phone and see what the kids or the dogs are getting up to while you are out.
  • You no longer have to pay an arm and a leg for optimal functionality. Choose cameras with built-in microphones for crystal clear audio, or even ones equipped with motion sensors that only captures when motion is detected. This saves you a lot on the hard drive size that you need to store video files.

About All Tech Sorted

We are professional suppliers and installers of TV antennas, VAST satellite systems, professional CCTV systems, and high-speed internet. With years of experience under our collective belts, we guarantee the best service at affordable prices.

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