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Frequently Asked Questions

My TV pixelates but only sometimes on some Channels.  I think its only when it rains but also some other times randomly.  It’s annoying and it’s getting worse.  Can it be fixed without breaking the bank?

The signal from the Antenna down the cable to the back of TV is one electrical circuit.  If there’s a single bad connection or if the antenna is bad, then the picture will pixelate.  Depending on what’s wrong, only some channels may be affected.  The signal as received at the antenna is very small (millionths of a volt) so if there’s corrosion from the elements/pollution then the signal received can fall below the level required by the TV.  Generally, TV antennas are only guaranteed by the manufacturer for 1 year from manufacture because of this.  A quality antenna will last longer.  We can test, rectify and guarantee all repairs and replacements.  All investigations are conducted with professional signal meters which verify not only the strength of the digital signal but the Quality (BER/MER) giving an accurate diagnosis of just what need s replacing to ensure trouble free reception ongoing.  We offer an efficient and scientific approach to reception problems and can save you money by resolving your reception problems in short order.  All antennas, cable and connectors are of professional grade and industry standard.  No offence, but we don’t want to see you again unless it’s for something else!

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Can I get good, strong, fast WI FI coverage around my whole house?

Yes, whether you have a unit or a larger house, we can improve Wi Fi anywhere in any area room. Also, we can optimise Wi FI reception in Small or large commercial situations.

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The NBN put my modem in a bad spot.  Can it be moved?

Yes, the NBN “NTD” can usually moved to place in your home/business where your happy with and all Wi Fi coverage and internet speed issues can always be improved.

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I work from home and need the best, most reliable high-speed internet connection for my home office/work zone.  Can I get a dedicated, high speed internet connection there?

Yes, we can install and test as many hard-wired internet points as you like giving you the most reliable hard-wired high-speed internet connection anywhere you need it in your home office or business.

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I’d like camera system professionally installed at my house for peace of mind.  I’m not sure what’s best but I want it to work reliably and be easy to use. I want it set up for me and for someone to show me how to use it.  Hopefully it won’t cost too much?

Yes, we can install affordable CCTV systems which are clear, will cover all angles of your property and are easy to use.  Some of the latest features include:

  • night/heat vision,
  • High definition - very clear images
  • smart phone/email alerts anywhere in the world if target zone shows movement
  • multi camera angle viewing off mobile devices anywhere in the world
  • multi camera angle viewing through the TV or any monitor you like in the house,
  • 365 day recording which can be viewed at any time

A range of latest higher end systems can be installed to cater for larger homes/businesses and industrial/Commercial applications.

Also, if you have already purchased a CCTV system and need it installed we can do that too.

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We just moved and need our entertainment system set up, TV, Home Theatre, speakers, internet etc. Can someone come and do it for us? Help, we’re not Savvy and we don’t have time!

Yes, whether it’s a new system or you’ve just moved and need your existing system set up, we can do it!  We can install extra TV points anywhere, hang TVs on walls and set up surround sound etc. for you.  Forget your messy tangled box of cables – we’ll sort it!  Save your time for something else.  We’ll check your TV and internet reception as well.

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We’re building our dream home and would like to make sure all out data, TV, security and sound cabling is done RIGHT first time.  We would like to consult an expert in this area.  We’re not sure that the builder and electrician have the time or expertise to give us what we really want and will be happy with later.  We want to make sure it done properly so we can just move in and enjoy without having to get some back later.

Yes, we see this all the time.  Its much easier to run the cabling and thick of different scenarios/what you want and get advice at frame stage before the house is finished.  Builders and electricians are busy trades people who may not have time to consider what you really need.  You need an expert.  Issues to consider are:

  • How many TVs am I going to have or want and where? I want them wall mounted with no exposed cabling.  Make sure it’s done right so there’s no bad connections and reception issues later.
  • Where’s the best place for my NBN modem (NTD) and router? Somewhere central and depending on the house layout/construction.
  • How many hard-wired Ethernet CAT 6 data points should I have? As many as possible every room because its easier to run them now while house is being built.  Much harder later.
  • Don’t want a room full of speakers? You can get them built into the ceiling where possible but if you want really good sound then you might want the speaker cabling run from where you will have the main amplifier/surround receiver then to points on the walls where you can mount dedicated bookshelve type speakers off adjustable mounts so they’re not taking up floor space. You can still angle them to suit the listening area off the mounts from the walls and enhance the bass if required with a single subwoofer.  High quality 2-way bookshelf type speakers with between 6- and 8-inch woofers can sound amazing if its true good sound your after. Surround sound just add more of them where you need to suit.  Again, by considering and installing this whilst the house is at frame stage then its much easier and your guaranteed to have things where you want.
  • We’d like full CCTV coverage of our property, back yard and entrances. We’d like it cabled and ready for when we move in with a full understanding of which angles will be covered and we want it professionally to set up for us.  Yes its much easier to run any sort of cabling before the house is finished, ideally at frame stge.
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We’ve been told we can’t get reliable TV reception because of where we live.  Can you check it out? What are my options otherwise??  Can you install a free to air satellite service instead?

Yes, we can conduct a full site survey of the signal at your property and either recommend a terrestrial antenna system or set you up with a VAST Free to air satellite dish if you need.

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I’m interested in a nice sounding or even “High End” Hi Fi system which will play vinyl as well as stream my digital music.  I really want GOOD sound!

High Quality home audio has sadly taken the back seat to Bluetooth speakers, sound bars and home theatre.  Many traditionally “high end manufactures from the 1980’s and 90’s have either disappeared or sold off the brand they once were to put their badge on inferior products.  A lot of Modern systems may claim high power outputs but, are cheaply built and use a lot of Digital Signal Processing to “enhance” the sound leading to a tiring and not very clear listening experience with little dynamic punch.  Also, there are less specialist retailers offering the same in shop customer service demonstration there used to be in this area.  The best sounding HiFi systems use quality components and a simple design to preserve the incoming signal as much as possible from input to the amplifier, then the speakers and then to your ears. There is nothing much new about this, but it has lost focus and it is now harder to but a good sounding system for a reasonable price.

It is still possible to put together a system which sounds great for a reasonable outlay if you know what you are looking for.  With a focus on good speakers and the best possible amplifier, you can get a great sounding system which is sweet to listen to all day long at any volume with any type of music.

Sometimes a combo of new and secondhand components can give surprisingly good results for a reasonable outlay.  If your passionate about music, maybe you deserve a system which sounds good?  Advice, Sales and installation.

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What payment methods do All Tech Sorted accept?

We accept cash, credit card or EFTPOS onsite for your convenience as well as EFT.

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