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Home Theatre Installation Brisbane, Gold Coast

Home theatre installations of existing or new equipment. Advice on upgrades or new systems.

If you think it’s time to step up your home entertainment system, either in a home theatre room or the loungeroom, then you should give ALL TECH Sorted a call today!  Big Picture Solutions.  Dedicated Surround Sound if you want something better than a sound bar but are intimidated by the set up and cabling We can Help! Everything from a nice clear and puchy budget surround system to the Full Scale George Lucas theatre room! We'll also install your existing system if you've moved house.  Give us a call!

Projector Bar

Big Picture solutions, latest 4K projectors, Hanging TVs installed.

We know that every home is unique and when it comes to home theatre installations one shoe definitely does not fit all! This is why we provide a range of equipment and home theatre designs to suit your needs, and we can even do the whole set up if you’re still scratching your head by the end. We can set up the projectors, fix the picture quality, handle the wires and cables, install brackets and hang televisions if you need them. We are your home theatre ALL TECH solution, sorting it for you! Sit back and enjoy your home theatre system knowing it was installed by the best!

TV Wall Mount No Cables Speakers

New system design for surround sound set ups for new builds, existing premises or renovations. Solutions to minimize visual impact.

If you want the full effect of Home Cinema but don't want to see the speakers and equipment?  Thats understandable and We Can Help!  This is especially possible if your building a new home.  Its always easier to design in, install and cable a premises at frame stage before its finished being built.  Call to discuss any queries you may have and see if we can help.

Turntable Records and Headphone

High End Audio consulting and advice. Affordable solutions including sales and advice on quality secondhand gear

High Quality home audio has sadly taken the back seat to Bluetooth speakers, sound bars and home theatre.  Many traditionally “High End manufactures from the 1980’s and 90’s have either disappeared or sold off the brand they once were to put their badge on inferior products making it difficult to know what your buying now.  A lot of Modern systems may claim high power outputs but, are cheaply built and use a lot of Digital Signal Processing to “enhance” the sound leading to a tiring and not very clear listening experience with little dynamic punch.  Also, there are less specialist retailers offering the same in shop customer service demonstration there used to be in this area.  

It is still possible to put together a system which sounds great for a reasonable outlay if you know what you are looking for.  With a focus on the Best speakers you can afford and Quality amplifier, you can get a great sounding system which is sweet to listen to all day long at any volume with any type of music for a reasonable outlay, you just need to know what your looking for - that's where we come in!

Sometimes a combo of new and secondhand components can give surprisingly good results compared to a new one from the shops for the same money or less!  Whether your on a budget or really want the Best, we can help.  Bluetooth streaming is easily added to an older system so you can groove along to your turntable as well as the convienience of  streaming from your phone through the one High Quality Sound System. If your passionate about music, maybe you deserve a system which actually sounds really good?  Advice, Sales and installation.

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