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TV Reception issues resolved for as little as $80

New Antennas Installed from $150

Extra TV points from $85

Poor reception problems investigated and resolved. Signal issues identified and isolated to save cost.  Big and Small jobs.  

Do you have bad TV reception on some or all channels or are you getting no TV reception at all? Is it breaking up, pixelating whenever and driving you crazy and stopping you from watching your programs?  Free to Air TV is NOT dead!  There is more content than ever and its free!  Whether its ABC for kids for the unlimited free square baby sitter, dedicated interest channels for cars and cooking etc (previously the domain of Foxtel), reliable News and Information from the National Broadcaster, sport or whether you're willing to admit it or not, Googlebox and The Bachelor etc....  Our team at ALL TECH Sorted will get this sorted for you, providing services to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich suburbs.  All TV Reception Investigations are conducted with professional signal meters which verify not only the strength of the Digital TV signal but the Quality (BER/MER) giving an accurate diagnosis of just what needs replacing to ensure trouble free reception ongoing.  We offer an efficient and scientific approach to reception problems and can save you money by resolving your reception problems in short order.

New antenna systems for ALL reception areas.

Call  ALL TECH Sorted for all your TV antenna services.  We use Commercial Grade Connectors, Cable and Components and a Lifetime warrantee is availible.  

VAST free to air satellite for remote and shadowed reception areas.

We can test and verify if your in a "No Reception Area".  If so you are eligible for VAST which allows you to get the Free to Air Channels via Satellite.  All you need is a clear line of site to the sky from the North somewhere on the house or property.  So even if your in the bottom of a valley, side of a mountain or way out west, we can get you watching TV again by Installing a VAST System.

Extra TV points installed anywhere you want, bedrooms, sheds, patios etc

Do you want to watch your favourite evening TV show (don’t lie, we all know its Gogglebox!) from the comfort of your bed?  Or do you want to have the boys over to watch the Friday night footy in your man cave?  Is the TV Antenna point on the wrong side of the lounge meaning you have to run an ugly "trip cable" across the floor?  ALL TECH Sorted can relocate and install extra TV points in ANY place throughout your home.  There is literally no limit to how many TV points you can have in a building.

Removal of Old Unsightly disused Satellite dishes and TV Antennas from your home. 

Old disused Ariel Telecoms Service cables also removed from your home.

Do you have an old, rusted satellite dish on your roof that’s detracting from the appearance of your roofline?  Most houses have had a Foxtel/Pay TV dish installed at some stage over the past 25 years but once the subscription ended, they don't come back and take the dish down!  We can come and remove and take away old satellite dishes, antennas and cabling safely and ensure that the roof wont leak afterwards.

The NBN rollout has made millions of ariel telecomms service cables redundant (ie will never be used again) but no one is going to come and take them down!  These are the cables (not power) which run from the power pole on the street to your house gutter or facia.  They are now no longer used or needed. We can come and identify which ones are obsolete and remove them safely and take them away for you.

Extra Foxtel points added to other rooms/areas anywhere you want, bedrooms, sheds, patios etc

Here at ALL TECH Sorted we love our entertainment systems and understand that original installations might not match your current needs.  That’s why we provide services such as the installation of extra Foxtel points anywhere you want.  This will allow you to watch your favourite cooking show from the kitchen while your kids can watch cartoons in their loungeroom or playroom. Don’t be confined to just one Foxtel port when you can have many! Be sorted and happy in your home with help from the team at ALL TECH Sorted! 



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TV Antennas Brisbane

All Tech Sorted: For All Your TV Antennas in Brisbane

When it comes to TV antennas in Brisbane, we are the people to call. The average Australian spends a lot of time in front of the TV watching their favourite sports, movies and TV shows. In fact, watching TV is globally, the most prominent way of winding down and relaxing after a hard day’s work. The last thing you need when you settle in to catch up on the day’s news or all the latest happenings in your favourite soapie, is bad reception.

A lot of factors may affect the quality of your TV reception. From bad weather to a loss of signal due to wrong positioning, or even a faulty antenna. Whatever the issue, the professional team at All Tech Sorted knows just how to fix it.

What You Should Know About TV Aerials in Brisbane

Brisbane is quite uneven and made up of lots of hills and valleys, and this, unlike in most other Australian cities which are relatively flat, can cause havoc when it comes to TV signals. Depending on where in Brisbane the antenna for your TV reception may not be effective. In fact, you may well be situated in what is called a black spot.

  • TV signals work best when you have the live-of-sight to the city’s only transmitter site on MT Cootha. Partial or no line of sight may mean interference with your TV signal. Weak signal can be corrected with the installation of a higher antenna, and one or more signal boosters.
  • In many black spots, it is not cost effective to install an antenna, since the cost to install an antenna high enough to get decent TV signal would be significant. In such cases, the installation of a VAST or satellite system is advisable since it is both effective and cost effective.
  • When it comes to antenna installation in Brisbane, it is best to rely on the professionals, who will be able to advise you on the most effective – and cost-effective – solution for your TV signal requirements.

What Sets All Tech Sorted Apart Regarding TV Aerial Installation in Brisbane

Setting up your TV can be simple or it can be a challenging, laborious, and frustrating task. It all depends on where you are in Brisbane. In one suburb, you can have houses that have excellent signal, and others that don’t have signal at all. This is where we can help.

  • We offer TV arial and satellite installation services of the highest quality, by taking the hassle out of getting your entertainment system set up. Our technicians make use of the latest technology to determine your best option in terms of TV signal. You can count on us to give you the most helpful and cost-effective advice.
  • We offer a wide range of services, from new antenna installations, VAST satellite system installations, signal problem identification, isolation and solving, the installation of extra TV and Foxtel points wherever you want them in your home, to the removal of old unsightly antenna and satellite systems.
  • We offer the best quality service at the best price. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our prices are highly competitive.

About All Tech Sorted

With more than 10 years of industry experience under our belts, you can count on us to sort out all your TV connectivity problems quickly, easily, and affordably.

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