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In this day and age you NEED a reliable High Speed Internet Connection!

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Are you having ANY of these Internet connection problems?

  • Slow/unreliable internet at home or business location?
  • Slow/poor Wi-Fi “Blackspots” where you need to use the internet?
  • Need an Internet connection at Home Office which is as good as the work office was now that your working from home?
  • NBN Modem/Connection point in the wrong spot? Want it moved?
  • Is your Internet Service Provider not helping? We fix these issues everyday!



All of these problems can be SORTED!

Don’t put up with it.

If your house lights were flickering you’d call an electrician. 

If your water pressure dropped off in the shower you’d call a plumber.

Internet is now an essential service. 

If your having any of the Internet Connection problems above, call All Tech Sorted!


Once Your Sorted:

You’ll have fast reliable Internet anywhere you want on the property.

Less Home office Stress!

 No more Tech Tantrums!

Get the Internet Speed your paying for and deserve!

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WI FI speed maximised everywhere you want

Are you having problems with slow internet via Wi Fi not reaching all rooms of your house?  With 25 years of experience including Optus, Telstra and NBN, Technicians from ALL TECH Sorted can come to your home or business and fix this.  We can do a signal strength survey of your Wi Fi thoughout the building and can apply fixes including installation of professional Hotel Style in building Wi Fi repeaters to give you seamless high speed Wi Fi eveywhere you want at your premises!  Don't put up with poor Wi Fi coverage any longer!

Ethernet Socket Cartoon

Dedicated high speed fixed line internet Data points installed anywhere you want

There is no substitute for a hard wired Internet connection when it comes to maximum speed and maximum reliabilty of an Internet Connection.  All Tech Sorted can install, test and label as many hard wired Structured Data points as you like anywhere in your house/building.  We are fully licensed, Certified and Endorsed for all Structured Data Cabling.

Home Office Cartoon

Home Office/Business Internet Speeds fixed and maximised for a guaranteed reliable High-Speed Internet connection

This year COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live and work with many people now having home offices and children needing to be home schooled.  This has made us much more dependent on our home internet connection with many people realising that their home internet connection is too slow.  If this is the case for you, then pick up the phone and call our team at ALL TECH Sorted and we’ll come and install additional high speed Data points, relocate your NBN Modem or Boost your WF-FI coverage to speed up and strengthen your internet connection providing you with business grade NBN to your Home Office Location.

nbn relocation brisbane

NBN modems/NTDs and house connection points relocated to where you want.

We often find that many homes have had a poor NBN installation in impractical places causing a slow internet connection throughout the house.  If this situation sounds familiar, then the ALL TECH Sorted team can relocate the NBN point and NBN Modem (NTD) so that you get high speed internet throughout all rooms within your home.  Call us today to get a quote for NBN modem/NTD relocation/optimisation.

nbn installation

New building cabling and consulting for maximum internet coverage/connectivity. GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME. 

If you’re building your dream home, then make sure you get the team at ALL TECH Sorted to do the cabling to ensure that you also have seamless high speed internet in your new place from day one. Pick the main spots in the house where you'll want maximum Internet Speed like the office, loungeroom and bedrooms, so you can relax and know that in the future, you won’t be worrying about your internet connection.  We understand that these days home internet needs to be strong enough to hold 3 televisions running Netflix, the husbands computer as he watches YouTube from the man shed and the wife’s iPad as she’s shopping from the comfort of the lounge.  Its much easier to plan and run the Internet/Data Cabling at frame stage during construction than once the house is built.  Electricians aren't always "switched on" when it comes to Internet, Data, TV and Communications.  Get it right first time!

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NBN Cable Installation

nbn cable installation


Let NBN Cable Installation Change the Way Forward

With NBN cable installation, it changes the way we see and use the internet. With the ever-evolving world, the internet has become a part of our lives, and we can’t function without it. It has also opened up so many doors for so many people concerning work and connecting people worldwide.

While technology is changing and becoming better, we want to connect to the internet faster, and now you can, with an NBN internet installation, you can change your upload speed from just 2Mbps to 40Mbps. With your normal internet cable being more prone to congestion, the NBN cable won’t let anything get in your way of obtaining the complete experience of how speed is supposed to work.


Benefits of NBN Relocation in Brisbane

An NBN cable in today’s household where more and more people are relying on the internet to get work done and for entertainment purposes will be the best investment to maximise the output speed for the whole family. The NBN network is considered to be the largest infrastructure project in Australian history. With this project, all the copper wires that are out of date and deteriorating will be replaced with new optical fibre cables. A faster internet connection for all of Australia will open doors to anyone, doesn’t matter where they are in the country.

  • With the emergence of social media, video conference programmes, and mobile apps, the NBN network will help you to connect and share experiences faster than ever before. It will give everyone a more effective way to access the internet and to expand their digital lives in unprecedented ways.
  • With stronger internet comes better access to entertainment, giving us more variety with the speed of the NBN network. Not just when it comes to movies and series, but online gaming as well. It gives you the ability to play at the best speed available for smooth gameplay.
  • With the recent pandemic we find ourselves in need of greater internet speed, and with it comes so many advantages. It will help doctors and physicians do online consultations through video conference programmes, and those who have no transport will be able to do all their shopping online.


The Importance of Network Cabling

Network cables are important for any business as it operates like veins in the human body, transferring data to different networks within the business. Running and installing network cables is tedious work and should always be done by a trained professional. If not done correctly, you can have a lot of issues with your day-to-day activities.

  • Having a cabling system be a part of your business, you are looking for a straightforward and organised system that will keep your company’s communication system running smoothly even while you’re growing the company.
  • Having an organised network, you will be able to find a problem a lot easier. With this system in place, it means that downtime will be kept to a minimum, as well as loss of revenue.
  • Having a well-structured cabling system in place will prevent any health and safety risks from occurring. Having disorganised wires can be a fire hazard, and also it can cause someone to trip and fall. With the right system, you don’t have to worry about any of these hazards occurring.


About All Tech Sorted

If you are finding yourself struggling with slow internet and upgrading to a faster network is a solution, but it can be a costly solution. With an NBN wall socket installation, you’ll be able to reduce the number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi and have them connect directly to the network.

Contact us if you require more information about data cabling installation in Brisbane or by completing the online message form.