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What Sets Us Apart Regarding Security Camera Installation in Brisbane

At All Tech Sorted, we aim to provide the best security camera installation available in Brisbane. Our team works tirelessly to improve their installations daily. We use commercial grade systems in all our installations which automatically comes with a three-year warranty added. Your CCTV cameras installation in Brisbane can include incredible night vision, audio, heat sensing and recording if you prefer. We do installations for homes and businesses and our systems include the opportunity to monitor your cameras through your tablet or phone. We arrange an appointment before installation to find out just what you are looking for, what your goal is and where you would like your cameras placed. The cameras are durable to last during the harshest of Australian weather.

Benefits Of Security Camera Systems In Brisbane

Your system design can include your business and home security cameras in Brisbane. We supply your security camera and install the whole system exactly how you want it.

  • Security cameras ward off criminals, however, it is common for burglars to know when a camera is fake, so installing dummies to avoid them won’t work. Most criminals know camera brands and make, so ensuring you have your cameras installed correctly will help you avoid criminal activity.
  • On the odd chance that you’re on the receiving end of criminal activity, your camera can help the police identify and track the persons responsible.
    You will have a major benefit with insurance companies since you will be able to prove your theft claims, some insurance companies even lower your monthly payment due to you being a lower risk.
  • CCTV cameras are not just for the bad guys. As some of you are working parents with children that come home mid-afternoon, you’d like to know what they're up to, or even if you’re a pet parent and you come home to a house that’s turned upside down. With a home system, you will be able to check in on your kids and pets and make sure their all behaving as they should.

The benefits of a security system surely outweigh the disadvantages. We understand that these systems can be expensive, but we’d like to ensure you of the worth you will be receiving. The maintenance and upkeep of CCTV cameras a little to nothing, and with your warranty, you can rest easy.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding CCTV Security Systems In Brisbane

We’ve come across many minor mistakes that people have made regarding security cameras in Brisbane, but nothing a little “TLC” can’t fix. However, trying to avoid mistakes from the start saves you a lot of time and money.

  • Always avoid buying security systems online or from the shelf. Most stores and online retailers have amazing deals. However, they don’t always know how to advise you about which product is best. Stick to going to the security businesses that work with these systems daily. We’ll be able to give you advice about all the systems you have in mind and even help you design your system layout.
  • If you can see the sky in your camera, you’re likely to be missing what’s going on below. Positioning your camera to get a full view will avoid anybody slipping past below the camera. You want the camera to capture all movement. This brings us to the third mistake.
  • The placement of your camera. If you place a camera in the middle of a wall and it doesn’t have a hundred- and eighty-degree angle (which most don’t), you will end up cutting off all movement on the left and right-hand side of the view. It’s best to place a camera in a corner to ensure you have a picture of the entire room or outside area.
  • We understand the need to record the twenty-four-seven. Cameras these days have the hard drive space for you to do that, and cloud storage is available. But do you want to sit through hours, upon hours working through uneventful footage? It can be tedious and a complete waste of time. Instead, you can opt for a camera system that has a motion sensor. These systems start recording the second there is any movement, saving you a lot of time and free up your camera hard drive.

Tips For Getting More Value Out of The Security Camera Systems in Brisbane

So, we’ve discussed the design, the benefits, and the things you should avoid. Now it’s time for the fun part. What you should be doing to make sure your system does exactly what you want.

  • A CCTV camera in Brisbane is ideal for entry and exit points of a store or business. With the correct camera placement, you can see badges, keypad movement and record your employees coming in and going out. You will also be able to record any visitors going into and out of your building to ensure traffic monitoring. If anything happens, the police will be able to track whoever came and went.
  • We understand the need for restriction around a cash register or point of sale station. With the correct camera placement, all customers and employees will avoid taking any chances. We don’t want to give people any opening to grab something, so ensuring that everybody is aware of the security system might just be the right way.
    Having cameras placed in common rooms and outdoor areas is not just to check up on employee’s productivity but also to ensure their safety. We know in today's world anything is possible, so protecting your employees should be as important as protecting your point-of-sale station.
  • When installing a system, we don’t always think about the backroom of the business or store. If you’ve placed cameras all over aside from here, the people watching and waiting might take up the opportunity left open. To avoid all chances of crime or injury, we recommend extending your system to the backroom or warehouse of your store.

About All Tech Sorted

All Tech Sorted offers a complete security camera installation with a three-year warranty on your products. We have over 25 years of industry experience in technical installations. We have the license to work as open registered cablers which means we can work on optical fibre and structured endorsements. We provide complete police checks and come with full insurance.

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